About Us

E & S Photography stands for Erika and Serge Photography; together, we decided to build a website for fun and see where it takes us.

You may be wondering why we chose “shuttered-moments“? We wanted a name that described the action of capturing a life’s moments. (The shutter is the piece that opens and closes in the camera which then exposes light to the sensor)  Sooo… its the shutter that actually moves and captures the moments.

We always wanted to be part-time photographers and we finally got our DSLR to play with (just in time before our little one came out!).


Why Pentax K70? We wanted to be different from the norm. Its weather-resistant feature definitely caught our attention. Also, the sensor size is a lot bigger compared to other competitors. It also came with 18-135mm which is decent for first time users, etc…

So now you got the jits of it, let’s have fun! Don’t forget to follow us.