4 months. 

Last night has been one of the toughest night we’ve had so far with Mikayla. She kept crying and crying — almost as if it was the end of the world. She refused to be put down in her crib and even her swing (thats her fav spot). All she wanted was to be carried and this was from 9pm to 12am. Im not sure what brought that upon but all i know is that she definitely wasnt herself. Maybe it was the shots she had the day before or could it be that shes teething? Yes, we all blame it on teething until we see the first 2 bottom chompers pop up right. lol! Who else is with me on that? Anyways, i am just glad that last nights over and that today is another day. So far, shes been good as if nothing happened. She is currently napping and here i am just having brunch and blogging away..enjoying this peace and quiet for abit more before she wakes up. Oh the life of being a mom, I tell ya!

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