Ever since Mikayla was born we have been swaddling her at night because of her moro reflex. What is moro reflex? This is an involuntary startle response to a sudden loss of support. Its like a falling dream. Ever had those before? Yes, babies have that type of reflex at birth and it disappears around 4 months of age. Having said that, Mikayla is 16 weeks old now. She will be turning 4 months next week..so last night we tried something different. Instead of swaddling both her arms in,  we swaddled her with 1 arm out and she did great!!!!! Normally she would cry and refuse sleep. But she slept from 10pm to 645am. I was such a happy and proud mom!! 🙂 We are thinking of trying that for another 3-4 days and eventually transitioning to having them both out really soon. *keeping my fingers crossed**. Well, thats all for today. I hope all you moms do have this smooth transition as well. If not, just on keep trying! It does get better i promise! Sending you all good vibes! Xo

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