I am pretty sure you all know what that word is something i definitely do miss. Don’t get me wrong i love being a mom but for those of you that knows me..i typically can sleep for 10-12 hrs on a regular but those days are long gone. Although Mikayla has been sleeping throughout the night now since she was 8 weeks old (gosh, I’m lucky to have such a good baby) ..i still need to pump and that indeed is the downfall of her refusing to latch anymore. I still need to let my body think that she still is, just to create that “supply and demand”. So while i could be sleeping while she is asleep, i am up — up doing all these things i wasn’t able to do or finish when she was awake. Also that’s the only time i get to have  my “me time”..yup, sometimes at 1 am lol.  So its definitely easier said than done when people say “sleep when the baby sleeps” because that’s almost impossible. I can’t just cook when the baby cooks or clean when the baby cleans lol! But anyways its just one of those days..a lack of sleep type of rant.

But at the end of the day…she makes it all worth it. That smile takes all my frustrations, tiredness and crankiness away; replacing it with just pure love and joy! i love you babygirl ❤

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