My journey into String Art

I find it fascinating that most people haven’t really seen, or maybe even heard of String Art so I thought I’d share my experience.

It all started a few years ago…. I was madly in love, low on cash and wanted to do something meaningful for the love of my life.

Long story short,  we met in college very briefly, then parted ways and then 8 years later… I got laid off by one of the biggest tech company in Canada so I decided to pack up and move back home to N.B.

Soon after I settle in, we started communicating , and that’s when it all began…

Lets fast forward 1 year later, where I’m quitting my job to move back to Ontario and well I decided to build something about our strength via LDR (Long-Distance-Relationship)

I browsed Pinterest which spark my first string art project! The heart That connects us via distance has an LED that makes it glow. For who may not know, its 2 Canadian provinces in white. The big apple you might guess, its New york where we fell in love <3.

My First String Art Piece

After a few months, I started noticing some pretty neat pieces online and decided to build another art piece.

bob marley
#2 Piece – String Art Piece

Then another..

flower bomb
#3 – String Art Piece








Then another…

#4 –  String Art Piece


Now that you seen all my pieces you may be like so what…

Here the thing, string art takes loads of time…  countless hours of nailing and stringing a thread in and out of the nails.

Maybe this perspective will help…

Nails, nails and nails
String, string and string

The interesting thing is, you don’t really need to be an artist to make string art, unless your doing your own art creations. You can just print out vector drawing and follow the lines. (see below)

Print out used in tiger art piece


Lets visit some stunning masterpiece I came across in the world of string art,

Justin Timberland by Zenyk Palagnik

justin 2justin


#sweetness  by Israel Narváez Romero

flowerrr 12439048_210454795966623_4262519499260101508_n

I envision automating the entire process, input picture and print… quoted at $500,000 not bad… but there is no market, people simply don’t seem to have interest in string art.

you might of seen the ugly 1950’s boat string art from your grand-mother’s house but no one really has string art at home.

One thing I love that differs from a painting is that it has this popping affect from the side.

if your interested in getting a string art pieces, Etsy is the place to browse!

Feel free to ask any questions,


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