The past week and a half i have been looking for a daycare for Mikayla so come February she will have a place when i go back to work full-time.  I know it is kinda early, but i wanted to get ahead as i was told most of them have a waitlist. Today, i had a tour at the YMCA child care centre in Mississauga. Nice place..clean, organized and it seems to have a good program/curricular activities for kids. I actually really loved it! The only downfall though is the price!! $1500-1600 a month for an infant care. I just couldn’t believe it. It’s more than my monthly condo rent. How on earth did it get that expensive? and why can’t the government do something about it just like what they’re doing to cool down the overheated housing market? Its like i might as well work part-time instead or take that 18 months mat leave (although I don’t think its fully in effect yet). Sigh..oh well. it is what it is guess. Regardless, i still put her on the waitlist just in case. Nothing to lose right? At least until i find “the daycare” for her..which i hope to find realll soon. *fingers crossed* 

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